It snowed! Just when I had finally given up hope, I woke up last weekend to a winter wonderland. The Internet was bursting with pictures of children sledding or standing proudly next to fresh-made snowpeople, many of whom sported Patriots jerseys.

The Pendergraft girls outfitted their snowman with a fetching sombrero. Camden and Ava Townes happily mugged for the camera in their snow gear. Isabella Florio made snowballs. The Belisle boys dined on snow ice cream.

Speaking of snowy fun, Amelia Ball and Cinnamon White will soon be off to Lake Placid to partake in some winter activities. Amelia has not yet decided which winter sport she will attempt to conquer, but is adamant that her vacation include a relaxing “massarge.”

I am sad to say we have lost a dear Edgartonian to O.B., but congratulations to Sydney Mullen on home ownership. A few of us — Megan Anderson, Doriana Klumick, and myself — crossed town lines to warm Ms. Mullen’s cozy new home. Now I must pass off Sydney to the capable hands of Oak Bluffs Town Columnist, Megan Alley. Please don’t forget her birthday (September 15), or I’ll never hear the end of it.

We lose one, we gain one though, as Kurstin Meehan and Dayce Moore have acquired a new K9 companion. Take one part Labrador, one part Rottweiler and mix them together, and you get Patton: the cutest little dude in town.

Kate Conde was among our Edgartown representatives at Gillette Stadium on Sunday for a nail-biter of a football game! Luckily, our Pats pulled it off and are on their way to the Super Bowl, so thanks for being a good luck charm, Kate. Now let’s enjoy a week off from football before we bite our fingers down to stubs when the Pats face the Giants in Indy on February 5. Go Pats!

The happiest of birthday wishes go out to my friend, Nancy Whipple, who celebrates her day on January 28. I hope you get some extra good Harley hugs. Happy birthday also to Becky Brown, who celebrates February 1. Hope you have a good one.

It’s getting to be that time of deep, dark winter when I have to put out my annual warning. You people have to start sending me your news. My dogs are itching for some press these days, and I could easily go a good 400 words blathering on about their antics. I can’t even report on my dad’s birds, because there aren’t any, so…squirrels? Do you really want to read about squirrels? Do us all a service: open that inbox and send me some news. Birthdays, vacation plans, winter sightings, new cars…I’m an equal-opportunity reporter here, and I work for you. So hook me up with some info so we can keep things interesting around here. Otherwise, I’m just going to start making things up. And I’ve warned you all in the past about my imagination. Save yourselves! Send me news!