Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions January 9-13, 2012



Jan. 11, John T. Lana, trustee of Lana Realty Trust, sold 17 Lobsterville Rd. to Peter C. Olsen and April A. Hamilton-Olsen for $748,900.


Jan. 12, Richard J. and Linda J. Ciceroni sold 39 Woodhaven Dr. to Orlando Garcia, Jr. and Patricia G. Garcia for $862,500.

Jan. 13, Robert E. Davidson, trustee of 6 Plains Head Nominee Trust sold 6 Plains Head Lane to Jane Kuttner for $1,300,000.

Jan. 13, Burton A. and Lynn O. Fleming and Karen F. and Jefferson B. Riley sold 33 Boldwater Rd. to Flying O LLC for $5,100,000.

Oak Bluffs

Jan. 9, Robert Cullen, Susan Airis Epes, trustees of Airis Nominee Trust, and Steven M. Collins, trustee of Item Six Trust created under the Last Will and Testament of Elbert Bunyan, sold a portion of 10 California Ave. to Edward and Carol Perry for $183,001.

Jan. 12, Diane W. McCabe and J. Hayward Wheaton sold 1 Logan St. to James Lowell Gibbs Jr. and Jewelle Taylor Gibbs for $419,000.

Jan. 13, Ann Charnley and Elizabeth R. Smith, trustees of the Charnley Family Realty Trust, sold 14 Brewster Ave. to Maggie L. Kuypers and Scott L. Silvian for $775,000.


Jan. 10, Julie A. Robinson, sole Member of JJS & D LLC, sold 29 Breakdown Lane to Vineyard Nursing Association Inc. for $900,000.

West Tisbury

Jan. 13, Richard B. Keeler, trustee of Keeler Watcha Nominee Trust and Keeler Watcha Nominee Trust No. 2, sold 32 Edgartown Rd. to Nature Conservancy for $210,000.

Jan. 13, Debra D. Keeler sold 36 and 20 Edgartown-West Tisbury Rd. to Nature Conservancy for $790,000.