Poets Corner


Cloud Meets Considerable Data

Little white sucker I see from my window does not look like he is going

to meet anyone special can’t touch the leafless branches of

trees telephone poles in the field or top of the roof of the house he peers over

not so fast looks like he is part of a cerulean blue no cobalt

anyway blue sky but we know how far he is from that given it takes

miles to concoct that color in the atmosphere the cloud is

just there right there moving to the rhythm of a Requiem by Verdi

off to the east he floats still intact covered with a fine mist shining

brightly white painfully happy to be alone not filled with any data

from any computer or software of any kind still a cloud by any

one’s elementary definition of a cloud ready to lend shape to any wind

sail away on any ocean or disappear into the larger picture.

Fan Ogilvie, the second Poet Laureate of West Tisbury, a dulcineac figure on the Vineyard, is proud to list as her accomplishments a contest in poetry for high schoolers known as Promising Young Poets; a program in poetry and playwriting in the MV House of Correction; a continuing Summer Festival in Poetry featuring readings by national and local poets; and numerous readings at various venues around the Island.

This is the second edition of the Poet’s Corner, a new Martha’s Vineyard Times feature. Dan Waters, former poet laureate of West Tisbury, will welcome contributions from all comers and select poems to be published here. Submissions should be directed to Dan Waters at dan@indianhillpress.com.