H&R Block cautions cellphone customers to beware of phishing scam


An Oak Bluffs electrical contractor called The Times Thursday to report that he and others he knew had received text messages purporting to be from tax preparer H&R Block.

The message said that there had been a problem with the client’s credit card and gave a telephone number for the recipient to call. The contractor called the number and was asked for his credit card information, which he wisely did not provide.

“We’re advising recipients not to respond to the text, not to call the number provided or offer any personal information in response,” Gene King, H&R Block 
director of media relations told The Times. “H&R Block does not send urgent text messages asking clients to provide, update, or confirm sensitive data.”

“Phishing” is when a person receives a suspicious phone call asking for personal information or an email that includes a virus which installs itself on the recipient’s computer to hunt for personal data, according to the Better Business Bureau. Or the phisher may lead to a fake banking site to “verify” account information, or download malware to infiltrate your computer.