A fun time was had by all at the Chilmark School PTO benefit sock hop at the Community Center this past Saturday. They raised a lot of money for the school’s excursion program through ticket sales and the silent and live auctions. Most people dressed in 50s style garb. Noni and Jed Smith looked just like high school kids and Spa and Anja showed off their dance moves on the floor. The Center was transformed into a juke joint/diner hybrid by Katie Carroll and her crew who did an amazing job on the decorations. It was a lot of fun, kind of like a Halloween Party for grown-ups in January. Is it wrong to say that one of the things that made it so fun was that none of our kids were there?

It was also David Vanderhoop’s birthday on Saturday and he and Saskia and their friends celebrated with a party down Island. Happy Birthday, David.

Emerson Mahoney recently went to Boston as part of Governor Patrick’s Project 351, a program that selects hundreds of middle schoolers from around the state to do two days of service at Massachusetts non-profits in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Emerson was one of six Island students selected and the only one from Aquinnah. His group spent time gathering and putting together packages of school supplies for homeless children. Asked what he learned from the experience, Emerson said, “I learned there’s a lot of need and if you can help a little, it can make a big difference. Dr. King made it so everyone can live together and have the same thing, no matter what race. Being an ambassador showed me we are the leaders of the future and we need to be responsible and do what’s right.” His mother, Juli is rightfully very proud.

It’s that time of year again; time to vote for the Best of the Vineyard in Martha’s Vineyard Magazine. Consider casting your vote for some of our favorite Aquinnah businesses and business people. Suggestions include: Nonie and Dan Sauer of 7a, for best lunch or take out, Tomahawk Charters and Book-A-Boat for best fishing charter and boat charter, and Orange Peel Bakery for best bakery. You can go to to vote.

A big red dog came to the Aquinnah Library this past Saturday. His name was Clifford and he delivered hugs to all the kids there.

The Friends of the Aquinnah Public Library is heading a fund raising campaign for the library to join the CLAMS network. They need to raise $20,000 by July 1 to make this necessary change in the library’s operating system. The benefits to the community will be huge; downloadable books will now be available, access to a wider range of books will increase greatly as will the time it takes to expedite inter library loans. Please consider making a donation, you can contact the library for more information.

This Saturday is the last in the MV Film Festival’s Winter Film Series. There will be a film for kids at 5:00, a film for grown-ups, “The Island President” at 7:30 and food made by Chris Fischer throughout the evening. It will be at the Chilmark Community Center and you can go to for all the details.

And of course on Sunday is a little thing called the Super Bowl, with our beloved Patriots who better beat the N.Y. Giants this time around, and beat them good. I’m really not up for any snarky gloating from my N.Y. pals this year; the Pats need to pull it off.

There is no date set yet for Amanda’s memorial service. I have heard that it will be some time in the spring. The Hutchinson family and all of us here in Aquinnah continue to mourn the loss of Amanda.