Vineyard YMCA Makos excel against Marshfield

Christian Flanders hit the water at the start of the 50-yard backstroke in the boys 8 and under group. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

In the final home meet of the season Sunday, many of the young swimmers of the YMCA Mako Swim Club recorded their best times ever while representing their Island admirably. The Mako Club is a competitive swim team for boys and girls ages 6-18, coached by Rainy Goodale and David Espindle.

The meet on Sunday was against the Marshfield Area Swim Klub (MASK).

Coach Espindle said it has been a wonderful season for the Mako Club; almost all swimmers recorded personal best times in the home meet Sunday. The Mako Club has also surged in popularity; the team started the season with about 20 swimmers and ended up with around 40.

“Almost every day I get a phone call or e-mail from a parent or a young person interested in joining the team – which I am excited about. We are going to start back up in the spring and then the summer, so we have competitive swimming almost all the time,” he said.

This was an important week for the Mako team both in the water and out. The team, now in its second season, held two successful fundraisers; a packed spaghetti dinner on Saturday and the annual Swimathon last Wednesday.

Mr. Espindle said the spaghetti dinner raised around $2,000, while the receipts for the Swimathon are still being tallied. For that event both the young swimmers, as well as members of the adult masters swim program, raised a penny for every yard they swam.

The younger swimmers ranged between 1,500 and 4,500 yards each, while the 15 adult swimmers swam over 32,000 yards in total to raise donations.

“Everyone did wonderful – all the age groups. It was nice to see the pool filled with kids having a good time and swimming for an hour to raise money for their club,” Mr. Espindle said.

Mr. Espindle also marveled at the dedication of the young swimmers.

“These kids are amazing – they are such hard workers. We have three different levels on our team; the youngest swimmers practice 2-3 days a week, the intermediates are there 3-4 days a week, and the advanced are there 4-5 days a week, and that’s a lot of time in the pool,” he said, adding:

“I tell the kids its deferred fun, because a lot of time when you are practicing it’s not all that much fun. But then when you get into one of these meets and you’re competing it’s worth it.”

Mr. Espindle said every swimmer made great strides this season, but said several swimmers have led by example. He cited Patrick Best, 13, for having an incredible work ethic and coming to the pool almost every day to get better.

He also praised Galya Walt, 14, for her determination to overcome a shoulder injury and excelling this season. “When her shoulder bothers her she comes and uses a kickboard – she never quits,” he said.

In Sunday’s meet against MASK; Lia Potter won the 50-yard free (girls age 11-12) with a time of 29.24; teammate Renee Goodale finished third (30.48). Patrick Best won the 50-yard free (boys age 13-14) with a time of 26.53, while his teammate Tucker Cosgrove took second with a time of 28.72.

The Vineyard’s Liam Cosgrove won the 50-yard free (boys 15 and over) with a time of 26.43, and Robert Goodale won the 25-yard fly (boys 8 and under) with a time of 21.90. Lia Potter won the 50-yard fly (age 11-12) with a time of 31.20, Kate Hansen won the 50-yard fly (age 13-14) with a time of 35.37.

Liam Cosgrove won the 50-yard fly (15 and over) with a time of 30.34, Robert Goodale won the 25-yard back (8 and under) with a time of 21.68, Anna Nitardy won the 100-yard individual medley (age 9-10) with 1:26.31, Renee Goodale won the individual medley (age 11-12) with a time of 1:19.36.

Patrick Best won the 100 yard individual medley (13-14) with a time of 1:08.92, and he also won the 50-yard breast with a time of 36.89. Anna Nitardy won the 100-yard free (9-10), 1:14.95; Lia Potter won the 100-yard free (11-12) with 1:06.18.

The Vineyard dominated the 25-yard breast stroke (boys 8 and under); Robert Goodale won with a time of 24.54, followed by teammates Christian Flanders 31.81, Yancy Benedict 35.01, Nicholas Cowan 35.87 and Dylan Mahoney 43.38.

The Vineyard also won the 100-yard free relay (boys 8 and under) with Christian Flanders and Dylan Maloney finishing with a time of 1:54.17. And the duo of Harrison Dorr and Liam Cosgrove won the 200-yard free relay (15 and over) with a time of 1:59.16.

Overall the MASK combined team score was 670, while the Mako Club’s score was 282.