Proper investigation needed


To the Editor:

I am a veteran and 911 conspiracy theorist, who believes with increased conviction that 911 was a false flag operation perpetrated by a handful of “insiders,” modeled after (Google) Operation Northwoods. That was a 1962 military-approved false flag plan (stopped by JFK), designed to justify treasonous acts of terrorism and a U.S. military invasion of Cuba.

What convinces me of this belief is not so much the scientific clarity and position (see that only controlled demolitions could bring down the WTC in such manner as they fell, but that, more significantly, any and all evidence for use of controlled demolitions was summarily ignored and dismissed by the official 911 Commission Report, whose job it was to determine, amongst other things, how the buildings fell.

The implications of such withheld evidence speak for themselves. We know that our government intentionally lied and fabricated the Gulf of Tonkin incident, resulting in a blank check from Congress to war mechanism and the death of 60,000 of our own troops and over a million innocent Vietnamese civilians.

Even more shameful and telling is the complete silence of a complicit mainstream media, which feels it can ignore the people’s call for reason and justice. What, it can’t find one anomaly worthy of investigating in all of the official report, full of more holes than Swiss cheese?

With critical mass around the corner (see Internet), the media can’t hold out forever. And the longer it tries the worse its credibility and that of our representatives, now and into the future.

No politician wants to be the last to see the light. What’s desperately needed for what’s left of a free world to continue is not another top-down report (Warren Commission Report, 911 Commission Report), but a true and proper, open and independent investigation with subpoena powers that considers all evidence before reaching any legitimate, not foregone conclusion.

Nick van Nes

West Tisbury

This is a copy of a letter addressed to Representative William Keating, Senator John Kerry, and Senator Scott Brown — Ed.