This winter is certainly marching along. See what I did there? It’s lonely around here with everyone off doing their vacation things. Saturday night, we came out of dinner to find not a solitary car parked on Main Street. Then again, with the winds that night, if there had been cars, they very well could have blown away.

So where is everyone? Well, the Jordans are off to their home away from home in Rangeley, Maine, enjoying a winter wonderland and partaking of such activities as skiing, snowmobiling, and good old relaxation. The Searles are off to Vero Beach, Florida, visiting with Denise’s folks, Sue and Bud Lamoreaux. The Garvins are in D.C. visiting with the president. I’m waiting for reports from the rest of you. I am certain that you are simply waiting until after your fun trips to share the details with me, and that you are not intentionally withholding your stories from the rest of us (hint, hint)!

Congratulations to Ryan Mundt and Michelle Meoli on their recent engagement. Will it be a Vineyard wedding? Time will tell. The two are currently living in Chicago. Best wishes for a bright future.

So who’s following Erika Van Pelt? Erika, who is originally from Rhode Island and has been performing locally with the Sultans of Swing for some time now —you may have heard her perform at Atlantic this past summer, if not Taste of the Vineyard or one of many weddings — is currently rocking American Idol. I don’t closely follow the show, but I can’t help getting swept up by seeing a familiar face in there, and I happily watch the YouTube clips posted to Facebook. It was very cool seeing Joanne Cassidy in the background in the audition week show. Let’s all pull for Erika to go all the way.

Speaking of our talented local singers, Jill Zadeh will be performing Saturday, March 3, at the Harbor View Hotel. Jill has found success as a recording artist and background singer for Janet Jackson, Joss Stone, Christina Aguillera, and many others. She will perform Jazz standards, original tunes, and classics by divas, both legendary and contemporary.

The Edgartown School will hold their fifth annual Winter Silent and Live Auction at the Harbor View, Friday, March 16, at 6 pm. The event will feature dinner and entertainment and auctioneer Trip Barnes. Proceeds will benefit the eighth grade trip to Washington D.C.

Looking for something fun and educational to do with the kids? The FARM Institute has programs throughout the winter, including Sunday chores, Farmers in Training, and visiting with the animals. Check out farminstitute.org for a calendar of events.

And for this week’s birthday kids, I bestow the following gifts: for Ryan Barbini, who celebrates March 2, back-to-back Bruins wins; for Kathie Noble Case, March 3, a great day with Ralphie and the pets; for Lizzie Wallo, March 4, a pocketful of colorful clicky pens that never run out of ink; for my second momma, Gail Avakian, March 6, a Saturday drink and a plate of cheese and crackers to share with Riley; and for Simon Athearn, March 7, fertile soils and bountiful harvests.