Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions February 13-17, 2012



Feb. 17, New England Heritage Property Corp. sold 11 Round Pond Rd. to 3SDS LLC for $2,460,000.


Feb. 13, Anthony C. and Nancy H. Winch sold 23 Oyster Pond Rd. to Robert M. McCarron, trustee of Shaggy Hedge Realty Trust, for $2,084,633.

Feb. 14, Maria MacKenty and Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank as Executors under the Will of Jeremiah MacKenty a/k/a Jeremiah G. MacKenty sold a lot on Vincent Farm Trails to Storm and Debra Field for $484,000.

Feb. 17, School High Corp. sold 80 School St. to Edward Jepsen for $3,250,000.

Feb. 17, Lally Family Second LLC sold 28 Craft’s Field Way to David Humphrey Jr. and Laura Humphrey for $767,000.

Feb. 17, John Geraghty, trustee of TIMS Trust, sold 28 Coffins Field Rd. to Brian K. and Kirsten I. Stevenson for $630,000.

Oak Bluffs

Feb. 15, Stephen Berlucchi and Francis Sandonato sold 100 New York Ave. to John D. McKay, trustee of 100 New York Ave Realty Trust, for $318,000.

Feb. 16, Nathaniel S. Mason, trustee of Sanford Financial Trust, sold 5 Schoolhouse Village to Edward F. and Jayna B. Smith for $330,000.

Feb. 17, Thomas H. and Barbara D. Willmott, trustees of Putnam Clay Realty Trust, sold a lot on Putnam Ave. to Susan Silverstein Potter and John Stauffer Potter 3rd, trustees of the Potter Family Revocable Trust, for $450,000.

Feb. 17, Alton L. Hardaway, trustee of 54 Pennacook Realty Trust, sold 54 Pennacook Ave. to Stephen H. Whalen for $200,000.

Feb. 17, Nathaniel F. Brady, Paul J. Marcus, and Kristen J. Marcus sold 47 Tuckernuck Ave. to Nathaniel F. and Tracy L. Brady for $160,000.


Feb. 17, P. Revere Realty Corp sold 234 Kuffies Point Way and 27 Ridge Rd. to Paul and Kim Maleh for $1,600,000.

West Tisbury

Feb. 15, Jean E. Tepaske sold 111 Old Herring Creek Rd. to Sunken Ship Properties LLC for $6,370,000.