Mill Pond proposal raises questions


To the Editor:

The letters about removing the dam at the West Tisbury Mill Pond as a way to re-introduce ocean trout raise some questions in my mind. Are you going to remove the five dams (that I can count) above the Mill Pond dam?

What about the Tiasquam? Are the six dams going to be removed as well?

Years ago there was a trout camp at the head of the Tiasquam and a small boat for fishing brook trout. There was also a camp at the Seven Gates mill pond for fishing the native brook trout.These camps existed because of the dams, although several were added in later years.

The brookies were quite plentiful while growing up on the Island, and some of us skipped school on the opening day of the trout season. (Up-Island names like Manter and Bryant.)

One of the reasons for the decline of the brook trout are the predator birds. Cormorants — we need more Buddy Vanderhoops — and the osprey. We all know what a great job people did in helping to restore the Osprey. It’s just unfortunate that some of the nests were built adjacent to productive trout ponds.

David Tilton