Please, SSA, do something


To the Editor:

On Saturday, February 25, my family and I made a reservation for the 9:30 am boat. Due to high winds, the boats kept getting cancelled. We were forced to wait for the 10:45 am, which they didn’t let us onto, so we waited for the 1:15 pm, and here’s the problem: instead of boarding the people like us who made reservations four hours ago, they boarded huge trucks, huge trailers, huge vehicles that take up enough room to fit five vans.

We had made early reservations and had been sitting in standby all day. Our car died, too. And they were loading enormous, probably empty, trucks? It is so infuriatingly wrong.

And the Island Home isn’t running but the Martha’s Vineyard is?

I thought that new boat was $33 million? What a waste. We are so devastated and furious. Please, somebody, do something about this bogus.

Leah Casey

Oak Bluffs