Clutter busting tips from Martha’s Vineyard pros


Noreen says…

1. When in doubt, throw it out.

2. The Thrift Shop is your friend. Donate plenty and often.

3. When you bring something new into your house, remove something. It doesn’t have to be the same. Bring in a new blouse, give away a footstool, book, vase.

4. If an item is broken, chipped, torn, stained or otherwise compromised, get rid of it.

Gladys says…

1. Don’t bring junk mail into the house. If you don’t want it, throw it out at the post office.

2. Get kids, family members, roommates to join in clutter clearing projects. Have a race. Make it fun.

3. Have a filing or organizing system close at hand when you open your mail. Organize all incoming paperwork immediately. Don’t “put aside until later.”