Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions March 12-15, 2012



March 12, Constance Kammer sold 54 Pine St. to Adam Barnum and Jamie Hoyt-Vitale for $310,000.

March 15, Lewis R. Stern and Jean B. Stern, trustees of Stern Sweetened Water Farm Realty Trust, sold 10 Beetle Swamp Rd. to Peter G. and Margaret D. Clements for $834,000.

March 15, David B. Goldfeld sold 5 Dunes Rd. to RCJR LLC for $1,250,000.

Oak Bluffs

March 13, William S. Haberline, Carol G. Haberline, and Robert D. Dusa sold 4 High Meadow Lane to Timothy J. and Nora D. Dyke for $850,000.

March 15, George S. and Martha E. Moses sold 7 John Wesley Ave. to Daniel and Ann Meleney for $525,000.


March 13, New York Mortgage Trust Inc. holder of a mortgage from William R. and Pamela Anastasi Rohr to MERS as nominee for The New York Mortgage Company, LLC, sold by foreclosure deed 27 Irene’s Way to New York Mortgage Trust Inc. for $225,000.

March 16, Yvette M. Cloutier sold 191 Spring Hill Rd. to James L. Hale for $431,000.

West Tisbury

March 12, Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank, successor by merger to Dukes County Savings Bank, trustee of the Cournoyer Nominee Trust, sold 22 Cournoyer Rd. to NYSSA LLC for $450,000.