With May just around the corner, I must admit that once again I did not get really any of my winter projects done this year. The photos are still in random boxes, the basement is not any more organized, and I have not learned to sew or speak French. I did clean out my closet, but had there not been some intense mildew on part of it, I’m not sure I would have even done that.

Where does the winter go? I can chalk part of it up to working a little more this winter than I usually do. I know in a month or so I will be so busy that photo albums will be the last thing on my mind, but I would like to end this season feeling some sense of personal accomplishment other than just getting through the day-to-day stuff that is always pending. Oh well…there is always next year.

Juli at the Orange Peel Bakery will be hosting “pizza day” on Saturdays from 12 noon to 2 pm until some time in May when it will switch over to Wednesday nights. Faith’s Seafood Shack has opened for lunch! I haven’t been yet, but I saw the pictures on Facebook so it must be true. Cully Vanderhoop is hoping to have the Aquinnah Shop open for breakfast and lunch very shortly and this year he will be welcoming a new chef: his son Jacob Vanderhoop who is graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Boston this spring.

Larsen’s Fish Market in Menemsha will be opening today, April 26. The Chilmark Store will be opening in May and no word yet on when Beetlebung Coffee will open in the old Menemsha Café space.

Nip that summer anxiety in the bud: Fae Kontje-Gibbs is offering a yoga/meditation class at the Bodhi Path this Saturday from 2 to 4:30. All levels welcome; please bring a mat and a donation. Fae offers these classes once a month and they are always different and always worthwhile. For more information, call Fae at 508-693-6993 or email her at

It is hard to believe but three months have gone by since Amanda Hutchinson passed away. Her memorial will be held this Sunday at the Chilmark Community Center at 1 pm. Come and share your memories of Amanda and celebrate her life with her family and friends. Refreshments will be served.

The Wampanoag Tribe will host a spring social potluck this Sunday at the main tribal building from 11 am to 4 pm. There will be food, dancing, and drumming.