Chilmark elects Bill Rossi selectman, says yes to pond study

Chilmark voters marked their ballots Wednesday at the Chilmark Community Center. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

Chilmark voters, fresh from annual town meeting Monday, went to the polls Wednesday to elect town officers and vote on four ballot questions.

On the face of it, there were no electoral contests. Until a few days ago it appeared that William Rossi would run unopposed for a seat on the three-member board of selectman formerly occupied by Frank Fenner who chose not to run for re-election.

In a last minute entry, Alan Porter planted signs and mounted a write-in campaign for selectman. But it was too little too late.

Mr. Rossi captured 186 votes. Mr. Porter received 54.

A total of 261 of Chilmark’s 878 voters, or about 30 percent, went to the polls.

Voters were in a spending mood.

They said yes to a Proposition 2.5 request to pay for exterior repairs to the West Tisbury School. The vote was 187-54 in favor.

The vote was 192-56 to fund a Massachusetts Estuaries Project study of the Menemsha Pond system.

The vote was 179-69 to fund a similar study of the Chilmark Pond system.

And on the much debated, commented on, and dissected roundabout project at the Blinker intersection, Chilmark voters sided with their down-Island brethren in Edgartown, West Tisbury and Tisbury. In a non-binding ballot question, 180 Chilmarkers said do not build it, 65 said build it.

Write-in votes filled several open spots on the election ballot.

There were two names on the ballot for three open seats on the finance and advisory committee. Incumbents Bruce E. Golden and Frank S. Yeomans were re-elected. Alan Porter emerged from the pack to win election to the finance board with 2 write-in votes.

Keith Emin was elected surveyor of wood, lumber and bark with 11 write-in votes.

Julie Flanders was elected fence viewer with 22 write-in votes.

Also elected with no contest: Leonard Jason, Jr., board of assessors (207); Janet Buhrman, board of health (198); Jane Slater, library trustee (217); John Flender, cemetery commissioner (223); Catherine Thompson, five-year term on the planning board (193); Richard Osnoss, two-year term on the planning board (193); Keith Emin, tree warden (226); Marshall Carroll, constable (242); Pamela Goff, Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank commission (215).