Come on, Comcast


To the Editor:

Thank you Pam Dolby, Jennifer Rand, Edgartown selectmen, and all the other Island town officials that are pushing Comcast to provide service to Chappaquiddick. It is amazing to me that Comcast, a major corporation with massive financial and corporate resources, cannot find a way to either make the Chappaquiddick project financially feasible or see it as part of an overall obligation for the right to provide services to Martha’s Vineyard.

So Comcast, where is the financial analysis of what revenues you would get from Chappaquiddick? As a resident, I have never received any questionnaire or contact relating to what Comcast services I might want to purchase. Now that Nstar has installed conduit under the harbor, how does that change the cost of building the system? How about other revenue sources to make the project successful? The town recently released an RFP for a DAS system; could you not use part of your system to provide that service, creating a whole new revenue stream for the Chappy install?

According to newspaper accounts, you would like others to somehow pay for this project. If it is investors you are looking for, then put a proposal on the table and let the private sector participate.

But in the end this is about a mega company with more than $4 billion dollars of annual profit (2011) saying they don’t want to do something and expecting everyone to just go away. A recent FCC ruling just gave Boston the right to regulate rates Comcast charges for some of its services, a departure from the 2001 deregulation of rates. People are tiring of the one-way approach and, like the city of Boston, are taking a stand. Come on Comcast, shed some of the mega-corporation persona, assume the hungry, small-business approach, and work with the community to come up with a creative solution that works in everyone’s best interest.

Woody Filley