Not Mayberry anymore


To the Editor:

It saddens and frightens me to write that the Vineyard is no longer a place of safety for me anymore. Twice in the course of six nights a person(s) has not only trespassed upon mine and my family’s property, but they also attempted to, and once successfully, break into our vehicles and steal items from within it. They were successful the first time, but not the second, thanks to car alarms we were forced to finally activate.

The Island, and especially my home here, has always been the one place in the world where I have ever felt truly safe, and now that has been taken away from me. I always viewed this place as our own version of Mayberry, where you could leave doors unlocked at night, and my parents didn’t have to worry about strangers coming up to me when I was a kid. That has all been stripped from me, and I am truly mourning the loss of my sense of safety.

I know I am just another break-in story, but the unnerving fact is that it is happening more and more to our Island. Not only break-ins and theft, but you’re hearing more reports of child molestation, assault and battery, drug charges, and let us not forget the shooting between the ex-husband and wife the other month, or even the bomb-making materials discovered last week in storage near the airport.

When and how did we let our Island become a safe haven for criminals? They’ve crept into our Island and are slowly taking over like kudzu vine or our ever favorite skunks. Something has got to change before it is too late.

We have always prided ourselves for being a little bit different from the rest of society, and I don’t want the realities of the rest of America to become ours too: that we can no longer leave our doors unlocked, or worry for our children while they walk home from the bus stop.

I would like to thank the Oak Bluffs police officers for helping my family and me. They are doing everything they can, and I certainly do not blame them for what has happened to our community.

Give me my Mayberry back.

Alysha Norbury

Oak Bluffs