Who bought all the pea seeds? You go into a garden store one day and they haven’t gotten any peas in yet, and the next day, they have come and gone. In eight years of gardening, I think I’ve managed to obtain sugar snap pea seeds maybe twice. So, whoever is growing a forest of snap peas somewhere around here, please share your bounty when the time comes.

I ran out of space last week to report on all the familiar faces back from points far and wide where they spent weeks to months of summer. First off, Jonathan and Kim Morse are back from their winter in Salt Lake City, where sadly, with a blown knee, Kim spent more time in the hospital than on the ski trails. Nothing a good Vineyard summer can’t heal.

Nicole LaPierre and Jamie Le Blond spent three weeks in Scotland after a winter in Charleston, S.C. Charleston seems to have been a popular place for the migratory types this year, as it also played host to Neil Flynn, as well as Tim and Laura Bryan, who were visited by Lee and Cheryl Welch as they passed through. Kinda like “Little Edgartown”?

We lost a couple good ones to off Island this week as Alex Elias and Lauren Maciorowski left us for new adventures. The two have moved to Boston, where Alex will be working as an officer for the Northeastern University Police, and Lauren has plans to attend a bunch of job fairs to figure out her next step. Best of luck to you both. Don’t forget to come visit.

I ran into Hilary Grannis out at Chesca’s the other night, where she admitted to not having done anything worthy of reporting this week. After throwing down the gauntlet, quitting so soon? Well, I guess every week can’t be African safaris and trips to Nantucket. No pressure, friend. Just let us know when your next adventure transpires.

I heard fabulous things about the fashion show this past weekend at the Harbor View, organized by the Tisbury Ambulance and other emergency personnel, which raised money to combat women’s heart disease — particularly that Hadley Antik looked smokin’ in the long red number she modeled. Good thing there were firefighters on hand!

It’s your favorite time of year and mine, people: that’s right, Pancake Season kicks off at the Edgartown School this Friday, May 4, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm with a pancake dinner to benefit the fifth-grade trip on the Shenandoah. Go eat your fill, but don’t forget to save room, because there will be pancakes aplenty for the next couple months. For more info, contact AnneMarie Donahue at 508-627-7958.

If you see my gram, Floss Morgan, out and about, wish her a happy birthday. She celebrates May 8. Also in family milestones, my parents, Mike and Pam Dolby, celebrate 40 years of marriage this Sunday, May 6. Be sure and wish them a happy one. Thanks for showing us how it’s done, Mom and Dad.

Finally, happy birthday to my favorite Vulcan-Edgartonian, whose name it would not be logical to mention, should I not wish to meet the business end of his phaser. May you live long and prosper [insert Spock hands].