Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, but has left behind a few telltale signs — sunburned shoulders from a few too many hours at the beach; ketchup stained tee-shirts from that cookout in your uncle’s backyard; red itchy welts from the mosquitoes that enjoyed you while you were enjoying your burger and your hot dog; towels laced with fine grains of sand that deposit themselves at the bottom of your dryer; and so much more. Yes, these are but a few of the famous signs of summer’s approach, but Memorial Day weekend is also a time to remember those who have died in our nation’s service. Flags fly, heads are hung in quiet reflection, and flowers are placed on graves as a symbol of respect and honor.

I came across a poetic response to John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Fields” which I always read quietly on Memorial Day:

We cherish too, the Poppy red

That grows on fields where valor led,

It seems to signal to the skies

That blood of heroes never dies.

I bumped into Marie Scott at the grocery store at the end of last week. She was rolling her cart around with a long list, but not one a mile long, getting ready for the influx of family. Malia (Scott) and Chris Stanley took the bridge traffic head-on with their three kids, Eva, Theo, and Quinn, anticipating a fantastic weekend with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. They ate popsicles, took their first salt water swim and managed to take in little cousin Maeve Cook-Martin’s Kaleidoscope Dance recital at the PAC.

Maeve wasn’t the only Chilmark kid in the recital. Instructors Laura Sargent-Hall and Lucia Dillon have Ella, Thea, and Adelaide Keene, Laila Fenner, Delilah Meegan, Bradley Carroll, Olivia Knight, Maggie Mayhew, and Bella Maidoff dancing with smiles on their faces and warming the hearts of their audience.

Hal and Ann Noyes are in from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for a much-needed visit with their grandchildren. Pop and Lathrop Keene had a wonderful adventure on the dock the other day. They pulled Brooks’s crab trap, checked out its contents and —shhh, don’t tell Hilary and John — Lathrop got a bag of M&Ms for a treat.

Sophie, Susan, and Jason Balaban were at their Wayside Farm residence over the weekend doing chores. Sophie and her friend Cora managed to mix in a little fun by dousing Jason with the hose which ended up in a crazy, free-for-all water fight. They have gone back to New Jersey, but they look forward to returning to do a little more enjoying and a little less scrubbing.

The Parker clan — Rebecca, David, Sophie, Meagan, Phoebe, and Isabel — had a spectacular weekend catching up with their Keene cousins, kayaking, lunching, brunching, beaching and ice creaming (I know, poor English but I was on a roll with all the words ending in -ing). We are selfishly hopeful they will be able to return before their scheduled trip in August.

Tim Walsh continues to make great progress on his boat remodel. He has moved across the harbor to the West Dock to free up space for the new Harbor Department boat which was ready just in time for the holiday weekend.

Seth Karlinsky is back on the beat manning the trash cans which are dispersed around the harbor. He does a fine job tending their constant filling and also keeps a watchful eye on the restrooms. Thank you, Seth, for keeping Menemsha clean. Seth’s wife, Sarah, played tourist on Sunday with her four kids in tow — Abby, Nate, Matthew, and Andrew were all captured on mom’s camera. Digging in the sand for the littles, exploring the dunes for the bigs and ice cream for most rounded out the evening as the fog rolled in to call it a day.