Bravo zulu


To the Editor:

For all of us who take for granted our police and EMT personnel, when it comes to emergency medical response I say, “OMG, these folks are unbelievable.”

When we needed help getting my son to the hospital while suffering from a severe back problem, the Marines landed on Upper Makonikey. The professionalism and obvious dedication to their job was unbelievable.

Thank you to the sheriff’s department dispatcher, whoever you are, and thank you West Tisbury police officers Nevelle and Viera for coming to our aid and showing such expertise and care.

Thank you EMT Chief Paul “Zeke” Wilkins, EMT Olivia Butler, and EMT Heather Nevelle for your knowledge, training, and successful application of advanced first aid.

When a member of your family is in excruciating pain, it is nice to know that this Island is top-notch when it comes to first responders. Oh, and by-the-way, Jay will be back throwing flies at swirling bass in no time flat, because you folks know what you’re doing. Bravo Zulu, my friends.

Phil Cronin

West Tisbury