A country neighborhood no more


To the Editor:

Things have changed in our quiet, country neighborhood since the new, taller, bigger White-Lynch asphalt tower was erected at Goodale’s ever-expanding pit.

We are awakened to the asphalt plant machinery at 4 am. Black soot, spewing from the tower, stains our roof. Sensitive Martha’s Vineyard wildlife habitat is at risk and destroyed. More trees cut and thrown on the side of the road. Machine guns echo through our neighborhood from the free-for-all firing range allowed at Goodale’s pit.

We used to enjoy walking in our neighborhood, pushing our young children in strollers. The heavy toxic fumes in the air prevent us from opening our windows, and I’m afraid to bring my daughter outside to play when the asphalt plant is operating.

Our future holds the potential for contaminated water, contaminated crops, and outbreaks of illness. I fear for my family’s and my neighbor’s health. We live in Oak Bluffs, and the town doesn’t seem to care.

Melissa Harding

Oak Bluffs