Supernova Fieldtrip visits the Lampost on Friday

Supernova Fieldtrip, from left: Brad Rothwell, Josh Robinson-White, Mingo Perez, and Michael Rebello. — File photo by Ralph Stewart

Supernova Fieldtrip has the perfect name for what they do.

It’s hard to imagine a moniker that better encapsulates their outlandish jams. Their lyrics are presented with a clear and steady delivery over funky beats that have splashes of eccentricity. The epitome of party jams, their songs feature the rhymes of emcees Brad Rothwell (aka H.R. Wellz), Michael Rebello (aka Mikey Powerz), and Josh Robinson-White (aka JRW).

The group started in 2010, building their fan base through videos produced by Bebob Rocksteady (duo Mikey James and Chris Laursen) that are available on

They bring their unique brand of dance-inducing tunes to The Lampost this Friday, June 8, starting at 9 pm. Also performing are Complex Humans, DJ Mingo, and DJ Matt Kurth.