Pitch in


To the Editor:

As a newly elected Oak Bluffs finance committee member, I am honored to serve our community. Thank you for your votes.

Like many Island residents, I work hard as a full-time employee in the private sector. Volunteering to advise Oak Bluffs on financial matters is time-consuming, but well worth it. My first impression of our town government is positive.

The current Oak Bluffs selectmen’s leadership is inspiring. Along with hiring a professional town manager and accountant, the selectmen have presented a sound fiscal vision. This vision is based upon two fundamental tenets: sustainable budgets and living within our means. Fiscal discipline is the cornerstone on which these lie.

The members of the Oak Bluffs FinCom strive to address our current issues while maintaining the integrity of our selectmen’s vision. It is challenging to meet the needs of our town and to stay solvent, however we are doing just that. Oak Bluffs is now at the forefront of citizen-powered successful town management. We lead the Island in this regard.

I invite you to come to our FinCom meetings. Get firsthand information about the issues at hand as well as the process by which FinCom generates recommendations to the selectmen. Our meetings (and all town committee meetings) are open to the public. This is the way to stay informed as well as to air your opinion. Exercise your right to take part in a government of the people, by the people. You, as I have been, might be surprised at what a little participation can do to improve our town.

Raymond Taylor

Oak Bluffs