What’s up MV: Reggae tones and complex humans liven it up



Island Thunder, the set of Vineyard-based deejays with a highly praised taste in Jamaican reggae make their way to the Dive Bar on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs Friday night. Connecting one Island to another, Spencer Binney and Carter Hakala continue to bring artists and reggae artistry to Island sound systems. Keep your anticipation high: word is that the duo are bringing reggae artist Lutan Fyah to the Island in August.

New group “Cover This” is playing at the Wharf in Edgartown on Friday. Cover This plays funky rock covers of groups such as Kings of Leon and Billy Idol and are comprised of lead singer Dan Panico, guitarists Tyler Vunk and Mike Kerr, and drummer JB Lamont.


DCLA is playing with Complex Humans as an opening act this Saturday night at the Dive Bar. DCLA have been drawing crowds with a solid sound that cements their reputation as the premier youth band around.

Complex Humans, comprised of Islanders Bubba Brown, Tyler Hathaway, Matt Lucier, and Andrew Larsen have been performing since the summer of 2008. “Going to a Complex show is like watching Beat Street in Technicolor while Saving Private Ryan and the Breakfast club are playing in 3d and you’re listening to Bon Jovi and Biz Marki while you can hear bleed from Run DMC from the next room over and someone is simultaneously serving you the strongest, grossest, most bomb cocktails you’ve ever drank,” said Complex emcee Andrew Larsen. They are playing Saturday at the Dive Bar.

The rest of the week

Weeknights at Island bars include poker nights, dance parties, deejays, and beer tasting. For complete listing refer to page A5 of the MVTimes Calendar.