As Oak Bluffs sees fit


To the Editor:Though I hesitate to express my opinion, having only been coming to this Island for 30 years and not having any ancestors who are buried here, I will nevertheless dare to say that the eventual construction of the Roundabout will not irretrievably change the character of Martha’s Vineyard.

How on earth can anyone believe that a one-lane traffic controller, built to fit into the intersection, can possibly turn our Island into suburbia?

To all of you who criticize Oak Bluffs for not taking the other towns into account, I say look to your own house. O.B. hosts many of the Island’s biggest events at no charge. O.B. is home to the high school, the hospital and the Y. O.B. is where almost all the beaches are open to the public. And O.B., with the backing of the MVC, will vote to improve its traffic flow when it sees fit.

Steve Auerbach

Oak Bluffs