Okay, folks, somehow there was a mix-up and a column I wrote in 2011 was printed last week. Although the correct column appeared online, I am going to be a little redundant for those hard-copy readers. Here we go…

I love walking into the Texaco and having an envelope with my name on it handed to me. Why? Because it means Bill Edison is in town and he has written me a sweet note about Flanders Field softball. It’s a little like getting a grade school love note. According to Bill, my summer sports commentator, Flanders Field had its opening game this past Sunday with the ceremonial first ball of the 2012 season tossed over home plate by Julie Flanders. Howard Wall, bagpipes in hand, accompanied the first toss with a traditional rendition of “take me out to the ball game.” Caleb Caldwell and Hans Solmssen were there to lend a hand also. As Bill always says, box seats are still available.

If you are missing Josh, Angela, and Eli Aronie and the goodies they sent you out the door with at Menemsha Café, you can find them at Saltwater Café seven days a week serving breakfast and lunch. They offer local eggs and produce packed into your Menemsha favorite with a great Lagoon view on Beach Road in Vineyard Haven. Seek them out.

Chef Teddy Diggs of the Home Port and the Beach Plum has some interesting additions to his kitchen staff this summer. Four CIA externs are cooking for credit under Chef/Professor Diggs, himself a CIA graduate. Do I have you thoroughly confused? Kyle DeCotes, Patrick Firmender, Natalie Singer, and James Alworth are from the Culinary Institute of America, world’s premier culinary college — not the Central Intelligence Agency. The four are here to complete their externships. To sum it up, bad grade — no credit.

Big thanks to Sarah and Bob Nixon for once again hosting the annual MV/Dukes County Fisherman’s Association dinner at the Home Port. Warren Doty chairs the group whose goals, to mention some, are to represent Martha’s Vineyard on fisheries issues, promote sustainability and advocate for fishermen.

Big, tender, juicy, overstuffed lobster rolls are being served up on Tuesdays at the Chilmark Church. Offered for a reasonable fee, they are sold to go with chips, drink, and optional cookie, and they certainly make the palate happy. Judy Mayhew and her dedicated group of friends including Kathie Carroll, Emily Broderick and others will be at the Church Tuesday evenings from 4:30 to 7 pm through September. Stick around on the lawn and enjoy yourself, and maybe listen to the boys of Vineyard Sound who take stage at 8 pm.

Can’t make it by on Tuesday for music? Sunday July 1, guitarist Peter Griggs will share music from the renaissance to the contemporary at 5 pm. The concert is free, but donations would be greatly appreciated.

Judy and Ted Mayhew’s seven-week-old great nieces along with their parents, whom they saw in England last month, were all introduced to Queen Elizabeth last week on the occasion of the opening of the new maternity wing at the local hospital in Hitchin, England. Needless to say Auntie and Uncle were very proud to see them on TV and see all the articles in the national newspapers.

Emma and Bob Shalhope are back from their family adventure under the Tuscan sun. Three generations toured the beautiful countryside and captured the majestic vistas in their mind’s eyes forever. I think Emma’s two favorite companions on the trip were grandchildren Jack and Clare who, coincidentally, will visit along with their parents in no time flat. Texaco touch tank and Lucy Vincent here they come.

Two weekends ago, the M.V. Horse Council held its first dressage show of the season. Bella Thorpe and her pony, Tupper, took first place in Introductory test A. Not only did Bella ride, but she also took a written horsemanship test. Her mother, Julie Flanders, and Praiseworthy, known to most as Ray, were third in training level 3. Jackson, fondly known as Jack, the big guy owned by Irene and Bob Hungerford, won both of his introductory classes and took high score of the day. Clara Maynard also rode beautifully and won her class. Clara’s mom, Kristi, manned the microphone at the event.

The 2012 Summer Reading Program “Dream Big @ Your Library” officially kicks off on June 30. The program is fairly simple and the lovely ladies at the library can fill you in. But, the basic gist of it is that your children will receive weekly coupons as incentive for continued reading. Coupons include treats from Chilmark Chocolates, The Bite, Chilmark Store, The Galley, Menemsha Market, and Menemsha Texaco.