The Times asks: What do you think about Obama not visiting Martha’s Vineyard?

Tim Ciaffoni and Sandra Ciaffoni. — Photo by Naomi Pallas

The previous few summers of Obama’s presidency have included a vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, complete with Obama-themed merchandise at tee-shirt stores and hopeful crowds gathering to catch a glimpse of POTUS. This week we took to the streets to ask what people thought about President Obama not being expected to return this summer.

Eddie Curran of Plymouth

“I wouldn’t want to vacation to the same place every year. I know the local economy gets a boost and that this is a major fundraising spot for him, but he’s entitled to go elsewhere.”

Mike Marashio, Oak Bluffs traffic cop

“It’s an election year so it’s probably best that he stays focused on what he’s trying to do. He’s the President first of all.”

Kuno Rutty, Biology Major at Northeastern and Tisbury Taxi driver

“I think that it will draw in less tourists. Which means less money for merchants and cab drivers.”

Jake Gifford, co-owner of The Lazy Frog

“I don’t think it affects our business much. Shops that sold Obama tee-shirts and such will be more affected.”

Sandra Ciaffoni, part-time Island resident

“It’s going to be a real bummer for tourism. We always look forward to his visit, so shucks. Hopefully next year!”

Tim Ciaffoni

“I’m very disappointed. We have our timeshare that same week that he was here last year.”