Wood docks, not concrete, in Menemsha


To the Editor:

Kudos to Marshall Carroll for attending Chilmark selectmen’s meetings and expressing concerns over the proposed dock change in Menemsha Basin. I’m sorry his voice was not heard by our selectmen, and I’m even more disappointed that this issue will have to be taken to discussion at a special town meeting in August. I’m not sure who among us has time to spare for a special meeting that time of the year, but I will bet that room will be packed with townspeople sharing Marshall’s concerns.

High quality and aesthetic beat out expense time and time again, particularly in the public realm and in a vernacular setting such as Menemsha. How many iterations of the Coast Guard building were denied before plans were finally accepted – and we are willing to settle for concrete floating docks along the public waterfront?

Please stand with Marshall and many at the August special town meeting, speaking in unison to retain the wood dock in Menemsha.

Hillary Noyes-Keene