Martha’s Vineyard Commission ballot deadline nears


The November election is still four months away, but nomination deadlines are fast approaching for a contest that figures large in Island life. Nine two-year seats on the Martha’s Vineyard Commission (MVC) will be up for grabs.

The powerful regional permitting and planning body is legislatively invested with sweeping powers that allow it to influence development across the Island. It exercises these powers by ruling on projects designated as developments of regional impact (DRI) and approving zoning regulations for so-called districts of critical planning concern (DCPC).

Martha’s Vineyard Commission candidates are elected at large to two-year terms, but there must be at least a minimum of one commissioner elected from each town and no more than two from any one town.

For example, a candidate from Aquinnah would still prevail over a candidate from Edgartown if the Edgartown candidate was the third highest vote getter from that town and even if he or she had more votes than the Aquinnah candidate.

The nine elected commissioners will join eight voting members appointed annually by the Island’s boards of selectmen (6), the Dukes County commission (1) and the governor (1).

Candidates for the Martha’s Vineyard Commission must collect ten signatures from registered voters only. Nomination papers must be submitted to local boards of registrars for certification of signatures by town clerks no later than 5 pm, Tuesday, July 31.

After certification by the town clerk, nomination papers must be provided to the Secretary of the Commonwealth by 5 pm, Tuesday, August 28.

For more information, contact a town clerk.