The Times asks: Describe Martha’s Vineyard in one sentence

Nana (left) and Ceci Herdeg. — Photo by Naomi Pallas

Martha’s Vineyard, with its extensive history, picturesque landscape, and unique character, means something different to each one of its residents and seasonal visitors. The Times ventured through the streets of Oak Bluffs and asked people to describe their memories, experiences, and thoughts of the Island in a single sentence. Some were unable to stop at one.

Nana Herdeg of Pennsylvania and Ceci Herdeg of Texas

“Sun, water, sand and sea. It’s beautiful.”

Hamburger of Oak Bluffs


Andrea McCombs of Detroit, Michigan

“Peaceful, like an alchemy of the universe.”

Dr. Sandrea Hardaway of Washington, D.C.


Dr. Ernest Hardaway II of Washington, D.C.

“A place to enjoy yourself and meet people who don’t intend to do you harm. You can relax, and that’s what life’s about.”

Boo Graham, Island visitor

“It’s very quaint and cute.”

Jane Rhuda, Island visitor

“Amazing, beautiful, and historic.”

Al Baroncelli of Bourne

“Love it.”