Julie Coleman shares that she is raring to go for her first organized women’s walking group expedition at Great Rock Bight on Friday at 9:30. Meet at the parking lot with some laced-up sneakers and hit the trail with a nice group of women. Give Julie a call at 508-645-2261 with questions.

In Julie and Bill Coleman’s personal news there are a few highlights. Chandra and her fiancé, Lawrence — yes congratulations are in order — are venturing north with the Coleman grandchildren in tow. Lucas and Ella are ready to help celebrate Julie’s 70th birthday. They will be here for just over two weeks and Julie plans to celebrate in a little way each day; in fact, she plans to celebrate for 70 days.

A little scrambling took place this past weekend in Menemsha. Menemsha Water Company, which feeds the restrooms, dock, and numerous houses and businesses was down for the count. The actions of many got the system back up and functioning. It will take some time to refill the tank so if you use Menemsha Water be diligent — fix dripping faucets, turn off your sprinklers and all that good water conservation stuff. Curious who the water commissioners are? Stanley Startzell, Steve Broderick, and Carl Flanders.

Sunday, July 29, Reverend David Christiansen will be preaching about his mission to Ghana in Chilmark at the 9 am worship service. The service is open to all. Thanks to Pam Goff for always sharing what interesting things will be taking place under the steeple on Menemsha Cross Road.

Summer resident Lori Keefe is helping to coordinate a community service event at the community center (CCC) on Friday, August 3, from 11 am to 1 pm for Soaringwords, a nonprofit dedicated to easing the impact of serious illness on children and their families. With the assistance of the CCC teen counselors and other community members, all are invited to the CCC to decorate blankets and pillows which will be distributed to sick children in various hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses. Soaringwords was excited to come to the Vineyard after Lisa Buksbau, the founder, attended a book reading by longtime Chilmark summer resident Judi Hannan. Judi’s book, “Motherhood Exaggerated,” which was published in February chronicles “her evolution as a mother during her daughter’s treatment for and recovery from cancer.” Find out more at

Congratulations to Sarah Hilliard and Scott Smestad who celebrated their first day of wedded bliss at Bliss Pond Farm. Bella Thorpe, bedazzled in a flowing purple dress, took on the honorable role of flower girl. The bride and groom took on Menemsha for a photo shoot, and I feel truly honored that they stopped in to say hello and grab a hug.

There’s not much that can top the birthday gift that Holly Bario presented to her mother, Joannie Jenkinson. Holly hopped on a jet plane and zipped from coast to coast to give her mom a big ole hug in person. What a treat to have a little unexpected mother-daughter time.

Bill Edison played hooky from this past weekend’s Flanders Field softball activities. Instead, he ventured to Menemsha Beach for an early morning dip. He bumped into the Oliver family, all six of them, and turned on his recruiting speech. He’s pretty sure he’s got the whole gang-Solon, Barrett, Delilah and Hollis, signed up for the next 20 years or so.

Tyler Shipway ventured off Island not too long ago for a day-long adventure at the Franklin Park Zoo. He’s back at home accepting visitors. Grandfather Morgan Shipway arrived via sailboat. Emmet Shipway, Aubrey Shipway, and her two little ones, Fiona and Malcolm, round out the mix.