Where's Debbi? Heather is visiting the Island this month, and she hopes to track down Debbi, whose last name she can't remember. If you know who Debbi is, and how to reach her, please contact Kay Mayhew at the email address above. — Photo courtesy of Kay Mayhew

I always thought our town clerk, Marion Mudge, could do her job with one hand tied behind her back. But I never thought she needed to prove it. Now she is working with one wrist in a cast. It may have limited some of her outside activities but not at work. Her cast is an elegant black, simply the latest thing in casts. She can swim with it and even adjust it. We wish her a rapid recovery and hope her broken wrist is soon just a bad memory.

Gus Ben David will bring fascinating creatures into the library today at 3:30. Ages 5 and up are invited to get up close and personal. Next Tuesday morning the little ones will enjoy storytime and songs with Joyce Maxner. A week from today ages 5 and up meet with Marcus the Magician at 3:30 pm. Prepare to be amazed at his Dream Big-Read! magic show.

James Prosek tells all about Eels: An Exploration, from New Zealand to the Sargasso, at the library next Tuesday at 7 pm. He is an expert on this “Most Amazing and Mysterious Fish.” Bring your fishing buddies, conservationists, and those who love learning about nature’s mysteries. You will have time to talk with him at the reception afterwards.

A visitor from New Zealand is coming to the Island in August. Her name is Heather Maunder, now Mrs. Waldegrave. She is looking for someone from long ago. She had a penpal in Vineyard Haven in the 1960s by the name of Debbi. Heather says she can’t remember Debbi’s last name, and she may be married now. If you have any idea who Debbi was, send me an email or call me.

Barney Zeitz is celebrating his 40th anniversary open studio/house next Saturday and Sunday from 4 to 8 pm on 67 Deer Hill Road. Park in the driveway, on Deer Hill, or at the bottom of the driveway along State Rd. He will have the Osprey in the yard, as well as the Wings sculpture from the Point Way on the arbor at the entry to the yard. Enjoy the various things he has created over 40 years, in all different styles and techniques.

Sign up now for basic digital photography with Louisa Gould on August 14.

The MV NAACP is hosting a Jazz Brunch on August 19 from 11 am to 3 pm at Hooked. Tickets are available at Tickets MV. For more, contact blakeerik98@gmail.com.

Support the Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard and delight yourself as well. Anna Tomlinson has a new book that she has transcribed, written by Lucius. Lucius is a Vineyard cat and this is his third book. “The Alphabet” also contains Anna’s delightful watercolor sketches of Lucius in his many activities. All proceeds go to the Animal Shelter where you can find this book and the earlier ones. Treat yourself and do something nice for abandoned animals on the island. The Bunch of Grapes Bookstore and the Edgartown Bookstore also have copies.

Everyone is talking about the terrific performance of young Anna Yukevich as Romeo at the Vineyard Playhouse production at the Tashmoo amphiteather. Several times when people mention enjoying the outdoor theater, they add more praise for her performance. Aren’t we proud of such local talent.

Theater friends are hosting the 30th anniversary summer gala to benefit the Vineyard Playhouse at their home in Lambert’s Cove on Sunday evening from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Minimum donation is $175. More at kristina@vineyardplayhouse.org.

I have been doing some research on the old Marine Hospital. I thought you might like to hear the description of our town from a report about the ‘new’ hospital in 1896,

“Vineyard Haven, also called Tisbury, is a pretty village, situated on the sloping shores of the harbor, the greater number of houses being on the west side. It has about 1,000 inhabitants, a number of stores, two churches, and a good school. The native inhabitants are those who have retired from the sea and are the descendants of the old whalers. It is a favorite resort in summer for those who know and are charmed with attractiveness and health-giving breezes.”

“The harbor… is situated at the northeastern end of the island and is a haven of shelter for the immense fleet of vessels that pass through Vineyard Sound… It is well sheltered from all winds except severe northeast gales and furnishes good holding ground for anchorages… More vessels are said to enter it storm and wind bound than any other port on the Atlantic coast…”

Enjoy the Vineyard Haven Band Concert in Owen Park this Sunday evening at 8 pm.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Nancy Gardella and Thomas H. Colligan, assistant fire chief. Wish the best on Saturday to Donald Mitchell. On Monday Mary Goss, Jesse James Little, and Dr. Peter Laursen will party. Happy birthday to John Edmond Coogan on Tuesday. Surprise Bobbie Donovan with good wishes on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: When you consider fighting fire with fire, you may want to remember that the fire department uses water.