Drinks of the week on Martha’s Vineyard

— Photo by Ben Williams

Each week The Times seeks out unique drinks, one with alcohol and one without, made on Martha’s Vineyard, and a bit about the people who make them. Email calendar@mvtimes.com with your suggestions.

Pirate Jack’s Pirate Painkiller

Pirate Jack’s, a restaurant in its first season on Oak Bluffs Avenue across from The Flying Horses, makes great use of its shape. Long and narrow, they have lined the walls with bar-style seating, and their staff is quick to serve an array of burgers and fried chicken. Pirate Jack’s fries are never frozen, being hand-cut in house and cooked by Belgian-style frying.

To wash this food down, the restaurants has a full bar area. As co-owner and bar operator Seth Charter makes a drink, he speaks to how the bar area is still expanding. “We want to have whatever people want. We’re getting more beers every day,” he said.

Mr. Charter mixes Black Seal Rum with light rum to make the base for an M.V. Pirate Painkiller. Pineapple juice and orange juice join ice and a dash of Cointreau. The final blend is fruit-sweet with light, summer tones.

Pirate Jack’s is located directly between the Steamship Authority and Dreamland. Hours are: weekends, 8 am to 12:30-1 am, and weekdays, 11 am to 10 pm, or later. 508-687-9636.

Morning Glory Farm’s Green + Good smoothie

The colorful menu of Morning Glory Farm’s fresh juice and smoothie bar contains an array of refreshing ingredients for one’s taste buds, and one’s health.

Listed in bold green chalk beneath the usual smoothie flavors of Strawberry Banana, Triple Berry, and Banana Orange, is the Green + Good smoothie. The drink is one part kale (which, according to the staff’s informational card, “What to juice,” boosts bone density), one part cucumber juice (which is said to be cooling, and to contain chlorophyll from the plant’s skin), a banana for smooth texture and sweetness, and some frozen strawberries, which enhance sleep and ward off Alzheimer’s, allergies, and high cholesterol. When available, the strawberries, kale, and cucumbers come directly from the farm.

The menu also lists enticing juice flavors such as Carrot Apple Ginger Lemon and Agave Lemonade.

Morning Glory’s lawn, overlooking a bike path and the farm’s rolling flower fields, is the perfect place to enjoy this drink. Though filling, the smoothie could easily accompany a fresh baked good or salad from the farm stand.

A small Green + Good costs $4.45; $7.95 for a large. For an extra $1, bee pollen, spirulina, or a green probiotic can be added to any drink.

Morning Glory is located off of West Tisbury Road in Edgartown, and the juice and smoothie bar is open Monday–Saturday from 10 am to 4:30 pm. For more information, visit morninggloryfarm.com.