Ben Taylor & friends at Dreamland on Martha’s Vineyard

Ben Taylor's new CD, "Listening."

The mellifluous voiced Ben Taylor will bring his friends and folk-based tunes to Dreamland tonight to benefit the Rockhouse Foundation. The event will also be a release party celebrating his new cd, “Listening.”

Mr. Taylor’s CD is an easy-listening combination of county-reggae-folk-rock. Like many of today’s musicians who exhibit little respect for the traditional divisions between the different forms of popular music, he moves seamlessly between various genres often in the same song. He even affects a dead-on imitation of his father, James’s, voice in the song “Oh Brother.” It is not a big stretch. His voice is uncannily similar anyway. but he has his own edge.

Mr. Taylor’s lyrics cut a wide swath from musings on the existential nature of life in “Worlds Are Made of Paper” to pretty straight-out humor and a kind of endearing, standoffish approach to not only lost love in “Giulia,” but also to a hopeful future in “You Could Be Mine” in which the line “love is too much fun to be playing from the sidelines” is sung to a reggae-lite beat.

The country tinged, melancholic, “Next Time Around” finishes out the playlist with a Woody Guthrie-like lyric.

This will be the third annual Rockhouse Foundation Benefit here on the Vineyard. The Rockhouse Foundation raises money to build and renovate schools in needy sections of Jamaica. All of the administrative costs of the Foundation are covered by the Rockhouse Hotel, a boutique hotel stretching across the cliffs of Jamaica’s Pristine Cove, according to the foundation’s website.

Mr. Taylor, son of James Taylor and Carly Simon, told The Times that he will be singing songs from the album as well as newer songs. He said he expects many musical guests and added, “There will be a mess of them singin’ Taylors at the show.”

Watch Ben perform online at

The Third Annual Rockhouse Foundation Benefit featuring Ben Taylor & Friends at Dreamland, doors open at 8 pm on Thursday, Aug. 16, $50; $40 in advance. Tickets can be purchased at, and show info can be found at

Friday night at Dreamland

The fireworks in Oak Bluffs Friday night will be prelude to the fireworks of Ryan Montbleau and his band who are playing at Dreamland the same night.

The band is a heavy duty funk-dance band that developed strong roots playing in coffee shops, folk venues, and rock clubs before playing on an outdoor festival circuit that now stretches across the country.

Mr. Montbleau said on his website that he “is constantly looking to strike a balance between the contagious energy of moving bodies and making a closer connection. You can still dance and have a good time, but I love when you listen.”

Doors open at 9 pm with the music starting around 10pm. $25; $20 in advance. Tickets available at