West Tisbury Column


Congratulations to Hugh Knipmeyer who was selected for a Vineyard award by the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. He devoted hours to the museum for many years. His devotion, support, and frequent volunteer work have made him a remarkable member.

There were amazing vegetables at the Fair. One three-foot long yellow squash that looked like a snake curved around some other veggies contributed by adults. The squash had a head that was distinctly snake-like. The bright yellow color reminded me of the wonderful children’s book ‘Verdi.’ I think yellow was the color this year. Larry Gomez gathered in a blue ribbon for his long yellow and very hot peppers.

I was especially taken with the junior vegetable displays of squash sharks. My favorite was the yellow squash with toothpick teeth who appeared quite threatening to all. I couldn’t read the names of those who designed this shark – but you know who you are. There were also some cauliflower sheep and other amazing creatures made by youngsters.

Violet Cabot created a sparkling sculpture that caught my eye and Lillian Gregg had a fierce-looking alligator. Everyone was commenting on the large striped bass created from shells by Sarah Pagliese.

I enjoyed the junior art works displayed, especially those by Megan Buchanan, Josephine Berler, and the pen/pencil portrait of Steve Jobs by Jack Yuen. Jack had many entries, including a delightful photo of a baby bird. The talent and creativity of these kids is impressive, such as the work by Bizu Horwitz, Broden Vincent, and Julia Fink. Klara Reimann drew a fine clamshell and Henry Warner presented a pretty good seagull as well.

Aki Weiner made a striking seaweed collage and Samantha Caldwell’s collage drawing of a girl was quite good. One photo caught my eye, taken by young Blakey Bessire, of a bird in flight. I wanted to ask him if it was an osprey.

Of course, quilts are my first love. I especially admired one made by young Gwyneth Howell. Her Island quilt was entitled Home Sweet Home. Adult quilters such as Wendy Nierenbert had fine samples of their work hanging from the rafters. Paulette Hayes submitted an elegant blue hanging with careful machine quilting. Laura Beebe’s quilt of applique and piecework with hand quilting is beautiful. Marion Burke caught the attention of my granddaughters who squealed when they say the jellyfish and crab on her lovely quilt, which looked like an antique treasure.

The granddaughters have a mother who is quite a hockey fan so she took their picture by the Stanley Cup created by Cam Geary. Another special youth entry was a park and playground put together by Amy Harff.

I couldn’t see the name on the art entry featuring multicolored melted crayons and pinwheels but the girls and I loved that one. I think the junior artists had a similar creation. I was also pleased to see the painting of Ann Fielding happily making music.

When you are famous, the experts enjoy doing your genealogy. Ancestry has discovered a connection to the first documented slave in America, John Punch, and President Barack Obama. Punch began his life in the colonies as an indentured servant but was enslaved for life as punishment for fleeing his indenture. Punch apparently fathered children with an unnamed white female, who passed on her free status to their children.

Next Tuesday find out about ancient Egyptian royal symbols. At 7 pm archaeologist Duncan Caldwell will speak about his recent trip to the Sahara. He says that many of the symbols used in the Egypt of 5000 years ago came from 3000 miles away. As the area became a desert, the people retraced their ancestors’ steps. When he is not traveling, Duncan lives in Paris and Aquinnah. Refreshments will be served following the free program at the Vineyard Haven Library.

Angela Davis and Gina Dent were part of a delegation of women of color who visited the Occupied Territories in July last year. Tomorrow they will give Reports from Palestine at 5:30 pm at Union Chapel. This is a benefit for Jewish Voice for Peace. Tickets at TicketsMV.com and the Bunch of Grapes Bookstore.

Abby Hirsch is hosting a fundraiser for Elizabeth Warren in our town next Sunday afternoon. For more call 508 693-6407 or rsvp to heather@elizabethwarren.com.

Congratulations to Anthony and Pamela Campagna who mark 43 years of wedded bliss today. Happy anniversary to David and Elizabeth Beim who celebrate on Wednesday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out on Saturday to Sherm Goldstein. Happy birthday to Percy Burt on Monday. Barbara Bruck parties on Tuesday. Wish the best to Cynthia Walker on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: I am sorry to report that after admiring the pinwheels for a few days, the turkeys just walk around them now.