The Times asks: What’s your summer memory of Martha’s Vineyard?

Annie Waldusky and Eric Meleney. — Photo by Naomi Pallas

Main Streets are less crowded, cars are fewer, and the nighttime air is that much cooler. Summer on the Island is coming to an end, and it will be remembered by every person differently. For our final “Man on the Street” feature of 2012, we went to Oak Bluffs to ask, “What’s your summer memory?”

Amy Zinser, Milo Zinser-Trudel, and Rob Trudel.

“It’s very quaint. We go to Cape Cod – it’s reminiscent of Cape Cod. I’ll remember how very cute it is.”

Ellie Hehre

“I saw some really good music. Toubab Krewe at Dreamland, DCLA at the Dive Bar, and The Boogies at The Lampost stand out.”

Eric Meleney

“Reconnecting with family.”

Annie Waldusky

“The houses and the old antique look of everything.”

Tamara Sinclair, Nolan Hamilton, Althea Hamilton and Ivy Hamilton

“Ben & Bills, jumping off the bridge, great bike paths, the Game Room, lobster, and the beach.”