Here are some things I didn’t know before I moved to Aquinnah from New York City: winds come from different directions, take-out delivery is not a God-given right, all-wheel drive is important, and Monarch butterflies migrate. This last one I learned this week, when I heard several stories from different people about packs of butterflies along the beaches on the south side of Aquinnah moving on to warmer climes. I’m not sure what I thought they did in the winter, sleep? Die? Obviously they can’t order take out so what else are they going to do? I think I missed the science class that would have set me straight. Thank goodness I moved to Aquinnah where I can work to overturn my ignorance of all things relating to the natural world. Everyone who witnessed the migrating butterflies was very moved by them. My friend Jenna saw them on Wednesday over by the dunes near the painted house, and she said it was so special.

This week at the Aquinnah Cultural Center:

On Friday, September 28, from 11 am to 4 pm there is a Traditional Weaving Demonstration. Join Aquinnah tribal member Tobias Vanderhoop, who will be demonstrating the traditional hand-weaving of baskets and bags using the ancient method of twining. Tobias will also be displaying several of his beautiful finished pieces.

On Saturday, September 29, Clay Art from the Aquinnah Cliffs from 1 to 3 pm. Join tribal member Durwood Vanderhoop who will be demonstrating the art of layering various colors of powdered clay from the Aquinnah cliffs into glass containers, an art form developed for the tourist trade in the mid 19th century and a use of the clay different from pottery. You can purchase a vial to take home.

On Wednesday, October 3, you can stop by for a tour of the Vanderhoop Homestead between 11 am and 4 pm.

As a fundraiser for their violin program, Chilmark Preschool is offering family photo shoots, 15-minute sessions with talented island photographer Eli Dagostino in the fields of Beetlebung Farm this Saturday, September 29, from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm and Sunday, October 14, 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm. $75 per session includes high-resolution digital files of all photos. Contact Patricia Bacon at or 401-952-7541 to schedule your session.

Derrill Bazzy and Jo-Ann Eccher are looking for energetic, fun-loving, flexible and non-judgmental volunteers for their son Jacob’s home-based Son-Rise autism program. Training will be provided. The hours are seven days a week from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. They are looking for people who can give two hours twice a week plus a team meeting approximately once a month. Externships can be provided if you are interested in the field of special needs/autism, but anyone interested can volunteer; you don’t need to be a “professional”. Benefits include great snacks, learning to choose happiness no matter what the outcome, the opportunity to work with a non-verbal child and to learn how to have a non-verbal conversation. If interested call Jo-Ann at 508-645-3245 or email her at

Martha’s Vineyard Fashion Week was this past week and Richard Skidmore was on hand to emcee much of it and Ken Wentworth and Liz Witham to document it. Congratulations to all the designers and participants on what looked like a very fun event.

Happy Birthday to Jeffrey Madison who celebrated his birthday on Monday and to Spa who celebrated on Wednesday. And happy birthday to Sandra, sometime Aquinnah resident who lives at Buddy and Lisa’s Shack-teau: her birthday is this coming Monday.