Edgartown selectmen set scallop season to open October 1

— File photo by Susan Safford

Edgartown selectmen Monday approved the recommendation of the town shellfish committee to open all waters for recreational scallopers on Monday, October 1. Recreational scallopers can take one ten-gallon washbasket per week.

“This year there is no dragging for scallops in Cape Poge October 1 through October 19,” shellfish warden Paul Bagnall said. “That gives the dip-netters and the divers three weekends in there, where there won’t be any draggers clouding up the water.”

Scalloping opens to commercial shellfishermen on Monday, October 22. Commercial license holders can take three ten-gallon washbaskets per day, Monday through Friday.

Mr. Bagnall said he hopes the harvest will top 4,000 bushels this winter. Last season, shellfishermen took just under 5,000 bushels.

Selectmen also approved a project to dredge Cape Poge gut, Cape Poge narrows, and the approach to Dike Bridge.

“Our plan is to start dredging the first week in November, and have the dredge out of the water before Christmas,” said Howell Kelley, chairman of the dredge advisory committee.

Under the town’s new protocol for dredging projects, the board of selectmen and the conservation commission must sign off on all dredging.

The protocols were put in place after an unpermitted side deal to dredge a private dock led to sanctions from state and federal authorities, as well as the resignation of Norman Rankow, then chairman of the dredge advisory committee.

Also Monday, selectmen issued a written warning to Flatbread Company for closing in violation of its liquor license. According to selectmen, the pizza restaurant off the entrance rod to the Martha’s Vineyard Airport closed about two weeks early.

“Closing early is in violation of the board of selectmen’s closure policy, which states that all holders of alcoholic beverages licenses shall be open for business a minimum of three days per week during the licensed period,” the board wrote. “Because this is your first offense of the selectmen’s liquor license policies, we are giving you a written warning.”