Shop Talk – Wedding inspirations

Kissmet on Winter Street in Edgartown offers an exclusive twist for wedding gifts. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

The fall wedding season is in full swing, with another month to go. If you have been invited to a wedding, but have been dragging your heels about a gift, here is a chance to be inspired.

If you want to give something more personal than cash or a registry gift, go for it — or combine one of their requested items with one picked by you. Should the bride and groom ask for a specific coffee maker, for instance, you could add some colorful coffee mugs from Chilmark Pottery, on State Road in West Tisbury. Depending on your budget, adding a creamer and sugar bowl could be a plus as well. Perhaps adding a colorful and warm blanket from Allen Farm or Island Alpaca would be appreciated when buying the set of sheets nominated on the registry. Should the newlyweds ask for decorative candle holders, which you may find at several stores around the Island, why not add some colorful linen napkins in the wedding colors or in shades matching the soon-to-be-newlyweds’ home. Colorful linens are easy to find on Island at one of our great home goods stores, along with such specialty shops as such as The Beach House or Juliska, both found on Main Street in Vineyard Haven, just across the street from each other. Speaking of candles, adding a Vineyard-scented candle to any gift would be a welcome way to encourage some additional romance for the lovebirds.

Unique and special gifts found on the Island number in the thousands for options, so you can’t miss in any of our amazing shops. Newlyweds will surely appreciate whatever you choose, whether they live here year-round or just come to visit while making special memories. How about matching heart glasses that work wonderfully as wine glasses, with the bottom color matching their wedding color, or perhaps choosing one of their decorative pieces in a fall design.

To commemorate a fall wedding, a colorful glass pumpkin or an apple will bring back fond memories every year it is brought out for display. Luckily they come in many different colors should you want to match the bridal color scheme, and given enough time M. V. Glassworks will work with you on a special commission for many shapes including a lovely vase that could be etched with the wedding date. For more ideas and information, visit them at their studio on State Road in West Tisbury or call them at 508-693-6026.

If you notice a trend in the registry for entertainment serve-ware or mood lighting, Kissmet on Winter Street in Edgartown offers an exclusive twist for wedding gifts. Their distinctive, colorful, handmade Turkish platters and serving dishes are remarkable, while a tea lover would enjoy their traditional small tea trays. A unique serving tray might just be the one that is in the shape of a star, but can be converted from one serving dish (with many separate areas) into 10 smaller serving dishes that would be a wonderful addition to any hostess’s cupboard. Also in Kissmet, you will find beautiful Turkish lamps, in various colors, styles, and sizes. Your only lighting limit will be how to choose just one or two, versus the whole array.

For those looking for a more traditional, or timeless gift, both Past & Presents on Main Street in Edgartown or Timeless Treasures on Main Street in Vineyard Haven could be your final stop. Past & Presents, which hosts many Island wedding registries, helps the shopper find the unique possibility of an antique heirloom from the Island or abroad, or something new. Known for their twin shops – that’s right, one shop just wasn’t big enough for their amazing selections – that boast everything from pewter candle centerpieces to large, ornate furniture, with lamps to complete the look, you will be hard pressed not to find the perfect gift for those most important to you.

Timeless Treasures, on the other hand, carries a unique selection of home goods right next to their array of women’s clothing and accessories. Any one of their special home goods pieces, from fine dining ware to coffee mugs, will bring a smile to whomever receives the gift.

When making a wedding gift, remember to have fun, choose with your heart, and keep in mind the wonderful recipients.