Two known drug users arrested in Edgartown

Det. Sgt. Chris Dolby arrested Richard Brymer on drug charges in Edgartown Monday, September 24. — Photo by Steve Myrick

Edgartown police arrested two men on narcotics charges Monday, September 24, after observing a drug transaction in the parking lot near the Stop & Shop Pharmacy. Both men are well known to drug investigators and have records of drug crimes, police said.

Police arrested Richard Brymer, 37, of Oak Bluffs and Benjamin Fogg, 29, of Edgartown. Both men were released on $600 cash bail, after booking at the Dukes County Jail, according to police.

Edgartown police officer Mike Snowden said he and Det. Sgt. Chris Dolby witnessed the exchange of prescription narcotics as the two men walked through the parking lot. “Det. Dolby and I observed Brymer hand Fogg a prescription pill bottle,” Mr. Snowden wrote. “We then observed Fogg quickly place the pill bottle into his right cargo pocket.”

Both men struggled with police briefly, were forced to the ground and handcuffed.

From Mr. Brymer, police seized a prescription bottle for 60 tablets of amphetamine-detroamphetamine, the generic drug name for the psycho-stimulant Adderall. Police said only 54 pills remained in the prescription bottle, which was filled just minutes earlier. They also seized other pills believed to be prescription narcotics.

From Mr. Fogg, police seized two amphtetamine-detroamphetamine pills that matched the ones in the bottle seized from Mr. Brymer. They also seized other prescription narcotics.

Mr. Brymer recently completed a two-year jail sentence for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and breaking and entering to commit a felony. His arrest in July, 2010, came after a long and violent struggle with Oak Bluffs police officer Frank Pachico, after Mr. Brymer fled from a home where he threatened another man with a gun, according to police.

He was on probation for those convictions at the time of his latest arrest. Mr. Fogg was also on probation for past drug convictions. Both men are scheduled for arraignment Thursday, September 27, in Edgartown District Court.