Warm Summer Sun

Warm summer sun, shine kindly here;

Warm southern wind, blow softly here;

Green sod above, lie light, lie light;

Good night, dear heart, good night, good night.

— Mark Twain

He could be pretty darn grumpy at times. He sure could spout out a few darn grouchy words. But, once you got past that hard outer shell he was a softie for sure. He told me I was like a daughter. He enjoyed watching my kids grow. Bradley swam her first strokes in his backyard pool. He sat in his truck watching Brooks reel in fish on the dock. He ate our chickens’ eggs for breakfast and always supplied us with the cartons. He dedicated countless hours to the Chilmark Board of Health and continued to attend meeting, sitting alongside me, until a few short weeks ago. Michael A. Renahan, after a lengthy battle with cancer, passed away on Friday, September 28. A celebration of his life took place on Wednesday and he now lies resting surrounded by old friends atop Abel’s Hill. I will continue to deliver an egg to his resting spot from time to time and reflect for a moment each time that I do.

My apologies go out to Jim and Roberta Morgan for failing to mention their momentous anniversary last week. Sadly, I cannot remember everything. I need some prompting, folks: shoot me off an email, leave me a phone message, or drop a hand-written note by the Texaco. I am happy to oblige, but gosh, my head can be like a sieve at times.

Sweet and happy anniversary wishes to the lovely Meg and Dan Athearn.

There are plenty of birthday wishes to be shared too. Happiest to my dear friend Hillary Noyes-Keene. The mother of the noisy Keenes celebrated with terrific homemade gifts from Adelaide, Thea, Ella, and Lathrop. She was also treated to a home-cooked birthday dinner and yummy cake that she didn’t have to take care of baking herself.

Big birthday wishes to Jim Hickey, too. And, if rumors serve me correctly, Liz Gude celebrated, too.

Quinn Keefe had his tackle bag returned. An Island fisherman found it nestled in behind some lobster pots. It had been rummaged through a bit, but it’s mostly intact. The bag had belonged to Pop-Quinn’s grandfather, so it was and still is a prized possession.

Family scallop season has opened in town. Shellfish guru Isaiah Scheffer and his trusty assistant Jake Bassett have been watching and growing these shuckable sweet delicacies. Stop by the Town Hall to get the scoop on the permitting process.

Derby fever is winding down. A few folks have colds and have started sucking on those delightfully flavored Vicks. Many a fish has been reeled in off the jetty. You could get a grand slam out there if the fish are cooperative. What’s a grand slam? One of each species in the tournament — striped bass, bluefish, false albacore and bonito. In just a few short days the eight top rods will take their spot on center stage.

PowerPro line with a Stradic reel and a Deadly Dick: I am told by my nine-year-old that’s the way to go. My teen says get up before the sun and fish hard. May fresh fish grace your dinner tables this week and best of luck to you all.