Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions: September 24-28, 2012



Sept. 27, Joseph M. and Victoria M. Bozyczko sold 40 Lighthouse Rd. to Frank X. and Margaret L. Quinn for $1,095,500.

Sept. 28, Richard F. Sullivan and Janet Kelly sold 25 Old South Rd. to John R. and Dawn M. Miller for $417,500.

Sept. 28, Susan M. Davidson, Susan H. Power, and Weston Howland III sold property off Moshup Trail to Nicholas Negroponte and Deborah Z. Porter for $250,000.

Sept. 28, Jay Cooke Michael Allen, trustee, Jay Cooke Michael Allen Massachusetts Qualified Personal Residence Trust, and Priscilla Ridgely Allen, trustee, Priscilla Ridgely Allen Massachusetts Qualified Personal Residence Trust, sold 2 Cormorant Way to David Schaeffer and Ruth E. Schaeffer for $2,900,000.


Sept. 28, Archibald W. McMichael, a.k.a. A.W. McMichael, and Christina McMichael sold 8 Plantingfield Way to Steven N. Hirsch, trustee, Plantingfield Nominee Trust, for $900,000.

Sept. 28, Brian Henderson and Michaela D. Henderson sold 14 Mockingbird Dr. to Robert and Susan Carlson for $625,000.

Sept. 28, Peter J. LeBlanc, trustee, Edgartown Bay Road Realty Trust, sold 108 Edgartown Bay Rd. to Robert W. Butcher and Joy E. Thoma for $1,515,000.


Sept. 24, Rodney W. Wick sold 1304 Cemetery Rd. to Peter Dean Alles and John A. and Carol A. Mellen for $150,000.

Oak Bluffs

Sept. 28, Diana B. Sundeen sold 35 Perkins Ave. and 4 Beryl Way to Joseph Parham for $280,500.

Sept. 28, Herbert Jacobs sold 52 Linton Ave. to Roger H. and Sharon A. Spinney for $481,000.

Sept. 28, Albert W. Warren Jr. sold 4 Norris Ave. to Judith Hartford and Thad R. Harshbarger for $325,000.


Sept. 27, Bank of America NA and BAC Home Loans Servicing LP sold 85 Edgartown Rd. to John D. Pereira for $236,000.

West Tisbury

Sept. 24, Hazel T. Coffin trustee, Coffin Real Estate Nominee Trust, sold property off Jones Cove to Peter De Roetth for $250,000.

Sept. 26, Myrnice M. Ravitch, trustee, Ravitch Family Realty Trust, sold a portion of 62 Ophelia Way to Mary Robin Ravitch for $12,000.

Sept. 28, Belinda Pease Burke and Chandler C. Pease, trustees, Middle Point Property Trust, sold 216 Middle Point Rd. to Middle Point Bend LLC for $2,850,000.