Police task force nabs violent Worcester felon on cocaine charge

Police used this Facebook photo of John Polydores, aboard the Island Queen ferry, to confirm information in their drug investigation.

Members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force took no chances Monday in the cocaine trafficking arrest of a Worcester man with a violent criminal past, recently incarcerated for a hate crime, and wanted for arrest on probation violations.

Police watched the Island movements of John J. Polydores, 30, for approximately 24 hours before they stopped his vehicle on Edgartown Road and made the arrest. Police had reason to be cautious.

“Worcester police advised that Polydores is very dangerous and should be approached with caution,” Edgartown Sgt. Det. Chris Dolby wrote in his report. “He has a firearms history and a history of violent assaults, including resisting officers. He is also known to carry a firearm on a regular basis.”

Mr. Polydores, whom police suspected of making repeated trips from Worcester carrying cocaine for distribution on the Island, arrived over the holiday weekend.

On October 7, Edgartown police officer Jeff Trudel notified the task force that he spotted Mr. Polydores at a convenience store in Edgartown.

“Trudel overheard Polydores talking about his uncle Roy (Cavanaugh),” officer Dolby said in his report. “Trudel observed Polydores and two females leave the area in a blue Chevy Blazer.”

Officer Trudel lost sight of the Blazer, but police later located the vehicle at Mr. Cavanaugh’s house.

Police said a check with Worcester narcotics officers confirmed that they were also investigating him for drug trafficking.

Because of his violent record, police decided to set up surveillance instead of entering the home immediately.

At 3:07 pm the following day, police observed Mr. Polydores leave the house.

Edgartown police officer Michael Snowden and State Police Sergeant Jeff Stone followed the vehicle, while police arranged for backup officers.

“When we felt we had a sufficient amount of units we stopped the vehicle on Mariner’s Way,” Det. Sgt. Dolby wrote. “Polydores was ordered from the vehicle and placed under arrest for the warrant and other motor vehicle charges.”

Police checked the record of a passenger in the vehicle, Mirelys Rosario, 26, of Leominster, and learned she had a record of arrests on firearms and cocaine trafficking charges. She was not arrested, but she may be summonsed to face charges.

Police said, based on the previous firearms arrests of Mr. Polydores and Ms. Rosario, they were concerned about the possibility of weapons at Mr. Cavanaugh’s home.

Police returned to the house, where Mr. Cavanaugh said there were no firearms in the house. He consented when police asked him if they could search.

Police became suspicious of objects they felt as they patted down clothes in the room Mr. Polydores had used. After getting a search warrant from the Edgartown District Court, they returned to the room and recovered 52 grams of cocaine from a sweatshirt that Mr. Cavanaugh said belonged to Mr. Polydores.

According to the police report, Mr. Polydores first told police he stayed in a hotel, but later phoned Mr. Cavanaugh from jail and warned him not to let police into the house without a search warrant.

He also phoned Ms. Rosario from the jail. Police said Ms. Rosario returned to the house as police waited for the search warrant. She asked to collect her belongings. They told her she could not enter the room.

Also seized from the room were three mobile phones with the batteries removed.

“Roy (Cavanaugh) told Sgt. Stone that his nephew had talked about how he feared his phones being traced, and this would prevent that from happening,” Det. Sgt. Dolby wrote.

Mr. Polydores was arraigned in Edgartown District Court Tuesday morning on a charge of cocaine trafficking. He was held on $30,000 bail.

Police said his uncle, Mr. Cavanaugh, has a record of assault and theft on the Island. He was not charged.

Worcester Superior Court issued a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Polydores on probation violations, according to police, who also say he has a criminal record that includes 63 separate entries.

According to a report in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, a superior court judge sentenced Mr. Polydores to 4.5 years in jail and 8.5 years of probation, after he pleaded guilty to 13 indictments stemming from an early morning attack on an African-American couple at a Worcester convenience store in 2009.