Poets Corner: Orange Poem


Orange Poem

pressing the bright smoothly waxed skin

against green Sunkist glass ridges

wrist spinning evenly

remembering 72nd Street, my mother smiling and

whirring white porcelain

draining below into a full cup

afternoon juice, freshly squeezed

between studio hours

one summer in Lacoste

my first taste of Rome

looking into broken glass crystals

sparkling up from the bottom

of my orange juice

morning walks to downtown Tangiers

crustless white toast

and a small glass of bright orange


no tropicana or pasteurized, only hand turning

squeezing clementine, tangerine, and dash of mango

vjrs 1/26/12

Valerie Sonnenthal has signed her poems “vjrs” since she took her first plane to California and found a lost memo planner before committing her heart to poetry. She is Editor and Co-Publisher of Avalon magazine and publisher of Errata Editions. She and her family have lived on Martha’s Vineyard for the last six years.