I’m not sure what to say this week. As my deadline for this column is Monday at noon everything exciting that might happen due to the storm has not happened yet. As of right now I still have power, the roads are clear and the Halloween party is still on. But who knows what the next 24 hours and Hurricane Sandy will bring? And there’s no word yet on who’s hosting the hurricane party and I probably wouldn’t be able to write about that anyway. So, I feel a little superfluous right now.

Shakespeare for the Masses is back! We will be performing “King John” at the Katherine Cornell Theater in Vineyard Haven this weekend (the Playhouse is still closed for renovation). Come on down Friday and Saturday at 7 pm for some quick, painless, and free Shakespeare.

Kristina Hook will be teaching a Wampanoag cooking class through ACE MV on Thursday, November 8, at the Edgartown School from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. This is a one-time class! Go to to register.

Next Tuesday November 13 is Cathy Thompson’s last day at the library; please stop in and say goodbye if you get a chance. I will miss her terribly, as will my son who likes to play Angry Birds with her. No official word on who is going to take her position.

I forgot to mention this last week: Noli, Isaac, and Emmett Taylor welcomed a baby girl, Tillie Arrow, on October 17. Tillie is Noli’s grandmother’s name and Arrow is the name Emmett gave the baby in utero. I’ve seen pictures but have not seen her cute little self in person yet.

At home, I am completely in the doghouse: I forgot to wish my husband, Curtis Langer, a happy birthday. His birthday was Wednesday, October 24. Sorry, honey!

The next blood pressure clinic in Aquinnah will be held Thursday, November 15, from 2 to 3 pm in the town hall. Any questions call Mary E. McLaughlin, RN, Town Nurse, at 781-534-2543.