Book suggestions for young adults


Suggestions for young adults from Sondra Murphy, Acting Director/Children’s Librarian of the Oak Bluffs Library

For a little post-Halloween darkness, check out:

“Burn For Burn” by Siobhan Vivian & Jenny Han – This series-starter is set on fictional, postcard-perfect “Jar Island,” home to charming tourist shops, pristine beaches, amazing oceanfront homes. Sound familiar? The story follows three teenage girls bonded by a chilling quest for revenge. I’d recommend this book for anyone addicted to “Pretty Little Liars,” and anyone living on an Island who needs a little drama!

“The Marbury Lens” by Andrew Smith – One of my favorite YA books I’ve read in the past two years. This book has it all: alternate worlds, horror, cussing, danger of apocalyptic proportions, and a pair of glasses that transport the reader to the alternate world of Marbury. This title will keep all readers enthralled with its well-developed characters and unique plot, but I’d recommend it for boys (of all ages) who want to get their hearts racing, and those who are looking for a more horrifying, more thrilling “Hunger Games.” Bonus: the sequel was released at the beginning of this month.

“The Walking Dead: Compendium One” by Robert Kirkman and others – To save you from buying all the comics separately, this book compiles the first eight volumes of the fan-favorite, New York Times best-selling “Walking Dead” series into one massive paperback collection. I recently spent all weekend being consumed (metaphorically speaking, of course) by this intense graphic novel. If you’re dying to find out what happens next in the TV series, read this (and “Compendium Two,” just released) to get your zombie fix. Besides impressing your parents with its sheer size and weight, the illustrations will completely suck you into the story.