When I commenced my writing of this column it was early Monday morning October 29. The winds were really beginning to pick up with Sandy’s brush through town. Just like most of you, our yard has been cleared of flying objects, the chickens have been tucked into their coop with some extra water, extra food, and a layer of fresh shavings. Yes, the goose is nestled in there, too. The dishwasher has been run. A few buckets have been filled since our tub doesn’t do a very good job at holding water for any length of time. The laundry is all washed but not folded. Our boat is out of the water. The awning is off the Texaco and the swordfish has been lowered off the roof. All of your cars and cans have been filled with fuel. Most of the Texaco has been boxed up and moved to higher ground. I hope, now that it is Thursday, that most of this was an exercise in preparedness — and no more than that.

Many thanks to the folks from the Red Cross for the opening of the emergency shelter at the Community Center. An extra shout of thanks to Bill and Katy Smith for holding down the fort — a great father-daughter team at work. Thanks to Roger Cook for being the EMT on duty and Matt Poole swinging by in his Board of Health capacity to deem it ready to open.

In Board of Health news, the Selectmen in a joint vote, chose to appoint Matt Poole to fill the seat left vacant by the passing of Mike Renahan. Matt will sit on the Board until April’s election. There were a number of townspeople interested in filling this position. It was really nice to see so many show an interest in giving back to the town and our island community.

Congratulations to Nicholas and Katie (Vincent) Persons of Niskayuna, New York on the arrival of their twin daughters, Natalie Rose and Vivian Vincent born on July 26. The girls look forward to spending many years with their parents and grandfather, Bill, at Lucy Vincent Beach and their family home known as the Lucy Vincent House.

Jack Hobby called me the other day to share some unfortunate news. It was sad to hear that Pat Cudmore died. She and her husband, Dick “Cuddy”, spent many summers at their home on Crick Hill. Her service will be held at 11 am on Saturday, November 3, at the North Falmouth Congregational Church. Heartfelt condolences go out to you, Cuddy.

Any tennis players out there? Do you have any racquets you might be willing to part with? The school kids, if they are not the ones playing touch football, are big into tennis these days. Our supply has dwindled. Please, if you have an extra in the basement, the attic, the barn, a closet and would like it to get put to good use by some budding tennis players, drop it with me at the Texaco or bring it right to the school.

Before I bid adieu since I fear power loss is imminent, I would like to say howdy to the Darlings in New Hampshire and Adelaide Shalhope across the pond in the U.K. I’ve had recent correspondence with all and it made me realize how much I miss them around here.