Well, that was exciting. Hurricane Sandy really sent us for a loop there. Power was out at my house for 12 hours, returning with a fanfare of whirs and beeps and flashing lights in the middle of the night. You really don’t realize how loud “silence” is these days until all your devices take a simultaneous nap — and wake up at once. My parents had power just long enough for my mother to cook us all an awesome dinner, then just as we sat down to eat, darkness. Thank you to all of those who responded so quickly and efficiently to needs Island-wide: NSTAR, fire and police personnel, town offices who quietly met with MEMA all week prior to prepare, and Will Coogan, for opening the Wharf so we all didn’t have to sit around in the dark all day.

Town was hopping last Saturday night as the Halloween spirit possessed lower Main Street. First off, there was beautiful blushing bride, Gery Conover, and “her” groom, Megan Anderson, attended by a bountiful bevy of bridesmaids that included Diane Conover, Liza Dolby, Lisa Murphy, and Scott (Scottisha?) Anderson.

I was continuously mocked by a group of stylish ladies in monkey masks who clearly knew who I was. Katie Doll was the first to be identified, as she opened her mouth to proclaim she would never give away her identity. Well, your unmistakable voice gave it away for you, Doll. Armed with this knowledge, I sought out the other monkeys and declared that, should they not reveal themselves, no more column mentions. The monkey who responded with uncontrollable twitching and head shaking was easily identified as column aficionado Hilary Grannis. Duh.

In other news, Helen Koch from Tracker Home Décor has reported that John Murphy is one of 12 designers chosen to participate in the 2012 Southport, Conn., Congregational Church’s 18th Annual Design Showcase. The three-day event, November 2-4, features vignettes of interior design — each designer is responsible for one room. The theme is “Design on a Shoestring,” inspired by an editorial, “Summer on A Shoestring – Before and After,” that design icon and event founder Albert Hadley wrote for Vogue in 1959. Jodie Foote of Edgartown and Southport nominated John for the show. John and his team will be designing a game room. More information about the event is available at southportucc.org. Good luck!

If you somehow managed to miss the creative and entertaining scarecrows designed by students from the Charter School, they will be displayed on the Mansion House porch, from November 1st to the 4th. More than a dozen scarecrows will gather on the Inn’s porch, offering a perfect portrait of Island creativity. This year’s scarecrow festival boasts a literary theme with a diverse cast of characters from favorite books and stories. Each scarecrow is sponsored by an Island business with proceeds benefiting the Charter School. The Mansion House will again host a celebration for the Charter School and Scarecrows.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Paul Moreau, who celebrates November 2, to Kiernan Komarinetz, who celebrates November 4, and to Tim DeFelice, who celebrates November 7. Hope you have a good one.

Hey folks! Don’t forget to vote this Tuesday. Seems like it’s going to be a close one, so get out there and make your vote count. See you at the polls!