Be prepared — you can stay in bed next Sunday morning and enjoy an extra hour of sleep. It seems a good thing that we “fall back” one hour in the middle of the night. For only a short time it will be light when I get up, but soon it will get dark in late afternoon. Don’t forget to set your clocks before you go to bed. It can be really embarrassing to show up an hour early for church.

We used to have a dog who had a really hard time when the time changed. It took him a few weeks to get used to a different dinner time. And he seemed quite annoyed that we allowed all our daily schedules to change without consulting him.

The wonderful and various scarecrows built by many of the students at the Charter School are gathering on the porch of the Mansion House after Halloween. That’s of course if they don’t all blow away with Sandy. Each scarecrow is sponsored by an island business as a benefit for the Charter School. And they are of course a treat for all of us.

The newly painted town hall is looking pretty good. It can’t just be the new paint. The windows are gleaming as well. There is something wondrous about a shiny white steeple against the fall foliage.

As I write this column we are cautiously awaiting the arrival of Sandy. Whether hurricane or not, this storm is unusually large and threatens a large part of the northeast. A group of Islanders were talking about their experiences in hurricanes past on the Island, with memories ranging from quite frightening events to some of the sillier occasions. The problem is that we somehow feel let down if the potential is not as bad as it could have been. Then we stop and realize how fortunate we were not to suffer from the worst that could happen.

We appreciated all the messages on email and phone calls from the town of Tisbury as well as Verizon and NSTAR to keep us informed and help us all to prepare for the storm. They were reassuring. It does make a difference when you know what to expect and what to do in case of any problems. The YMCA called to advise they would be closed on Monday. Then there were the comforting calls from friends offering any help that might be needed. It is nice to live in such a caring place. We do hope you all had a very uneventful storm.

The new menu for Café Moxie sounds delicious. I have it on good authority that the kale soup with linguica is as good as it sounds and is available for dinner or lunch. Other dinner offerings include roast lamb, seared sea scallops, and bouillabaise. Yum.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Ann Davey. Emma Wajda and Maura Valley party on Friday. Sunday belongs to Lena Hanschka. Monday wish the best to Alice Marshall. It’s party time on Tuesday for Sam Myers. Happy birthday to Buffy Hanschka and Hugh Knipmeyer and Priscilla Dickson on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: Don’t forget to vote!