Political messages not from Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce


The Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce has not authorized, created, or delivered automated political messages by phone, Nancy Gardella, executive director of the Chamber said Monday, November 5.

“I have just been informed that several people have received automated political messages from a voice identifying themselves as from ‘the Chamber of Commerce,'” Ms. Gardella explained in a statement to Chamber members. “Please be advised that these calls are not generated from the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce. It is neither our practice or desire to drive political campaigns for candidates or issues. Of course, we encourage all citizens to vote, but you will never receive messaging from this Chamber endorsing a campaign.”

Ms. Gardella said that questions or concerns may be directed to her at the Chamber, 508-693-0085, Ext. 16.

“Please help us,” Ms. Gardella added, “by being our ambassadors and spreading the word that these messages were not affiliated with your Chamber of Commerce.”